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Today was amazing.

I was able to spend the afternoon with women who are near and dear to my heart.

Fuck all other holidays!

Today we celebrate all women around the world.

We bleed, birth babies, nourish with our bodies, wear what we want to and we want to cum, damnit!

We won’t apologize for being loud, unladylike, or supporting our sisters in their own ways of life.

Let me get a little mushy and explain why this International Women’s Day was so special to me.

Back in October, I told this group of women (plus many more whom aren’t pictured) that I was struggling in my marriage.

I wanted to do something for myself and figure out a way to provide for my children. I told the ‘girls’ that I wanted to try Dental Assisting come January and would spend the majority of our tax return doing so.

Of course, they were supportive, gave advice, sent me Starbucks gift cards via email and checked in on me daily.

One day one of the ladies decided to post a thread about me, saying “Hey let’s all chip in $10 for Mikah’s school and see where we can get her” .

My immediate reaction was to deny any and all help.

This feels really uncomfortable to accept this type of gift.

I said no.

I was embarrassed they thought they ‘had to’ help me.

I realized they weren’t helping me because they had to, but, because they all truly wanted to.

I can remember each $10 transaction coming in on my venmo and the messages with each.

Amanda’s said “I’m just here to help fix your crown”

Ashley’s said “Clean my teeth bitch”

Brittney’s said “Because you’re a bad bitch and there’s not a single thing on this earth that you don’t deserve”

Crystal’s said “New life”

Alexia’s said “Your future”

Jordan’s said “Don’t forget to floss!”

A few of them sent waaaay more than $10 and I remember thinking “I can’t accept this. I don’t deserve it.”

My venmo hit $200.

Then $400.

Until it eventually reached $750.

I was speechless.

I cried.


Women whom I haven’t always been close with.

Women whom I don’t deserve as friends.

Women whom I’ve never even met in person before; some I finally got to meet today.

They’ve helped me piece back parts of myself that I wouldn’t have been able to do without genuine girls like them.

I’ve made more friends in the last year than I have in my entire life.

Being a SAHM for the last four years has sent my anxiety into overdrive.

I let it keep me home and I let it make me flaky.

I wasn’t a good friend until this past year because I didn’t know how to be.

Slowly I started showing up to invites and putting in the same effort to plan play dates, coffee, dinner, or most importantly, cocktails.

I started telling my friends I loved them and appreciated them for the specific things they do.

I owe so much to Meaghan for being my ‘come as you are’ friend. For helping me with my kiddos anytime I need a hand. You know how rare it is to completely trust someone else with your children? I’m so lucky to have a friend like that.

I owe so much to Hunter for being my Sunday date, breakfast to pedicures (lets go back!)

I owe so much to Lexi for being my ray of sunshine. She texted me the day before we moved and said “Will and I will be over to help, send me the address” Yall, I hadn’t even asked. She knew I needed it.

I have had so many ladies’ nights lately with women who are scared to make new friends like me.

Moms who are tired of being stuck at home.

Women who aren’t mothers, but doesn’t mean we can’t bond… and If I’m being totally honest, those girls are my favorite. They’ll drink you under the table and still make sure you make it home.

I’ll never forget today.

It was magic.

The belly aching laughs, I cried, we sucked helium out of balloons, indulged in dirty conversation and we all respected each other.

Today was powerful.

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

May all women cum tonight!